Thursday, February 25, 2010

I LikeThe Way

(sumber dari Nenek Yahoo)

Haaa. Sapa jejaka di atas tue?

Itulah Eddy Wata. Singer I LIKE THE WAY.

Aku TERjatuh cinta kat lagu nie bila 2 minggu lepas aku tengah sibuk download lagu baru untuk telinga aku.

Click sini untuk dengar lagu nie.

I Like the way the way you shake your ass around me
I like the way the way you swing your hip around me

First time aku dengar, aku da gelak. Si dia hairan kenapa aku gelak bila dengar lagu nie, aku btau la kenapa. Dia geleng kepala, macam2 katanya.

Anyway, aku buat research pasal Eddy Wata. Lalu great grandpa Wikipedia pun memberikan aku info tentang Eddy Wata nie. Lagi aku kopi pes :D

Eddy Wata (born in 1976) is an African dance music
artist. He was born to a Nigerian mother and Jamaican father and began to play with a battery-operated keyboard at a very young age. At the age of 18, he lived in Jamaica for four years, where he met artists that contributed to his love of reggae.

Upon returning to Nigeria, he formed a band, and following many television appearances, he made a trip to Europe in 2001. In the Netherlands, he was acquainted with the manager Lino Longoni and In 2003, after being placed under contract by the Italian producer Diego Milesi, comes in the top 20 (silver disc) for some European rankings. His most famous singles are: "Jam" "In Your Mind" "The bomb" and his latest hit "I Love My People" which reached the top of dance charts. Eddy is working to make his first album. The outing is scheduled for end 2008 After a live concert, his new producer took him to Italy, where he met several artists and DJs.

In the Autumn of 2003, Wata decided with his publishers to publish his won material, and success followed the 2004 release of "Jam".

Selain lagu I Like The Way, aku juga minat lagu My Dream.

Aku tertanya2, adakah On-Off Boifren aku yang jadi MC/DJ tue mainkan lagu nie time dia jadi guest MC/DJ? Nanti aku tanya dia la, senang, tak payah cari jawapan sendiri :P

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