Sunday, February 7, 2010


Happy Sunday!!!

Alone in this apartment, again!!

Now waiting for my kids to finish their lunch before continue our video call through Yahoo Messenger. We were broadcasting for 72 minutes before their grandma (which is my mom) call them for their lunch.

And here I am. Lepak at this lovely blog (lovely? hehehehe). At the same time, download latest song of R&B, Hip Hop and dance. Feel wanna dance when listen to those songs, even I don't know how to dance * big grin*

Few days back, I felt very down. Plus got small crisis with my beloved boyfriend; the one who I stay with. However, everything is over now. Not me and my boyfriend, but the crisis. Glad it's over now *smile*

Last night I suppose go to Elsyium, Heritage Row to attend party which my on-off boyfriend is invited as guest MC. I'm in the guest list, but can't manage to attend it. It's the 2nd invitation from him, still I can't attend. The 1st one was last Saturday at MoJo, 2nd is last night at Elsyium. Well, since we on-off again, I'll receive invitation from him every week. If I'm working with him, guess I can't give thousands reason not to attend it. Coz if I'm working with him, I'll be his PA and will be with him almost 24/7. Work together, travel together, party together, sleep together, sex together? Hahahaha. No, I prefer to go home every night and sleep with my beloved boyfriend.

Last night around 3 in the morning, suddenly I got migrain and felt extremely cold. My beloved boyfriend woke up (pity him) and keep hug me tight. Felt guilty coz wake him up coz he need to work today. But he still wake up and hug me to warm me all night long. This morning around 10am, I still feel extremely cold. He hug me and covered our body with two blankets, still I felt cold. I don't know what happen with me last night till I felt extremely cold. The fan speed is normal like previous night.

After he finish shower, I asked him what he want for his breakfast. He ask me not to wake up and will prepare by himself. But I insist to do it, like always stubborn! He blocked me at the door and carry me to bed again, but coz of my stubbornness I manage to escape from him * big grin*

Tomorrow I will start working. Our routine will have small changes due to our working hours and days is not same. I'll leave home at 7am when he still sleeping. But everyday I will give him a wake up call at 10.15am. I come home around 7pm, and he still working that time. Even tired coz have to catch up bus and LRT to reach my office at Wisma Central and go home, I will cook for him every night. I'll make sure that this routine will keep going coz I like to see he eat a lot when I cook for him *smile*

Last night, he told me that his weight now is 59.6kg. I asked 2 days from him to make sure his weight is 60kg *laugh*

My kids is back. So I've to stop here. Miss them very much.

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