Sunday, January 31, 2010


At this moment, I feel freaking piss off at that DJ. I called him to apology, he not answer. Every 1 hour I called, still not answer me. So I sent SMS to him, guess what? HE REPLIED ME IN 1 MINUTE!!! Y don't just answer my call? Huh....

How to solve the problem if like this? This is not the way to solve it. I understand why he angry at me, and I want to say sorry for what I've done early this day. But seems he don't want to solve the problem quickly. This is why our relation since 2007 keep on and off. It's from him!!!

I remember for the 1st time we fight on 2007, he don't answer my call, not reply my sms, when he online at YM and I buzz him, he not respond to me. It took 10 days for him to calm down and talk bout the problem. Then we back to normal again.

Gosh, how can I live with this guy?I'm the type of person that solve the problem ASAP and he is not. Ok, maybe he want to calm down first before solve it. But if he want to, just tell me that he want a space for him so I won't disturb him. Is it hard to tell me like that? Huh.

We fight coz of something, not the marry thing. I've to understand him more, and he have to understand me more too. If he want to live forever with me as he keep saying like that since 2007, then he have to understand me very very very well.

So guess now we having a cold fight. So that's it. I follow your rhythm. See till when it will last.


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