Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hey MR. DJ


That's what I feel even I slept for a whole day today. Hmm, actually, not whole day, I slept from 11.30am,once my bf going to work. Didn't sleep at all last nite.

Early this morning, around 4am the DJ cum my on-off bf came to my place after his event at MoJo and we met for the 1st time since we dating each other on 2007. Almost 3 years couple and only meet today!! I feel guilty when I was inside the lift and on my way to meet him. Y did I felt like that? Coz I'll meet him while my most beloved bf is sleeping at the hal, fall asleep when we watching DVDl!!! I feel suck!!

Guess what? During my 1st meet with the DJ, we got small fight bout something. And the small fight effect our plan to go out today huh. Before the fight, he plan to take me at my home and hang out. Watch movie, dinner, mingle around etc, just like what couple did. But after the fight, I left him just like that coz I can't face him that time.

He talking bout marriage today. I thought he was kidding when he told me for the 1st time on 2007. But he said he serious and waiting for me. Now he said he'll marry me minimum in 1year time. And ready to convert to Muslim since he decided to take me as his wife on 2007. What did I feel when he said that today? SHOCK!!! Totally shock.

This Indian guy is cute. But I don't think I can be his wife. My life will be ruin slowly as he loves to partying since his part time job is DJ & MC, which of course will drink alcohol. I know I'm not a good Muslim coz I also drink, but now I reduce it and wanna stop someday. But If I marry him, I will become a heavy-drinker like before. Plus he wanna make a tattoo of my name on his body after we married. Looks like he already decided we will become as husband & wife someday, even I'm not ready bout it. And I'M NOT SURE TO MARRY HIM of course.

He is the type of he MUST GET WHAT HE WANT! He will fight for it! Especially when it's about person that he love. OMG, guess I can't run from him?? Oh nooooooo.... I'm not sure yet if I want to marry him.


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