Saturday, January 30, 2010

Auto-working of my stupid phone

This past few days, my phone got problem. The same problem that I had when 2010 is about to come. It starting to open few function automatically. I think I got virus inside my phone now. Some button is not working, which I have to go to MUSIC file first before press the BACK button and open other FOLDER like CONTACT, MESSAGE ETC. Sometime when I didn't hold/touch the phone, you can hear the music from the phone like last night. It's working by their own. Thanks to the virus (should I thank them? laughing)

Even to read new incoming message also can takes time. Huh.. feel like want to throw this phone from level 12 to downstairs from the staircase of this building. But I can't. I don't have spare phone, plus I bought this phone last year using my BIRTHDAY MONEY that my scandal gave to me. This phone had sentimental value to me *smile*

When I met my scandal last Monday, he gave me BIRTHDAY MONEY, even late for few days coz he is at Sandakan on my birthday for some site inspection. I told him I don't want money for this year, I want a gift that he buy for me. Or worse come to worse, I want his Blackberry *hahahaha*

Can I Cayang? *hahahahahaha*

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