Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another Boring Topic :D

Happy Saturday!!!

Another boring day!! I'm not type of outdoor person, I prefer to stay in the house rather to spend my time with people out there. So what did i do for the rest of this Saturday? Prepared a breakfast for my boyfriend, watching Desperate Housewives Season 3, smoke, read The Star & Kosmo. That's all. Kinda boring activity? But that's what I prefer to do. Whupps, I did sit-up also. Wanna get a flat tummy heheheheh.

I though that I was alone in this house coz after bought few things downstairs, I came home around 1130am and didn't see my friends inside the room. They were inside the room when I went to grocery at 11.20am. Thought they went out. So I clean up the hall and continue watching Desperate Housewives. I didn't prepare lunch since I don't like to eat alone, plus now NO RICE from this moment. Start my diet hehehehe.

But I was really shocked when at 4pm, the girl came out and ask me "WOMAN, DID U COOK LUNCH TODAY?". Whoaaaaaa.... seriously, if I know they are in this house, I'll cook the lunch. So, I said "NO, I THOUGH YOU ARE NOT IN THIS HOUSE". She looks bit disappointed. But I asked them to eat the bread that I bought this morning. So, that's it. Our lunch just a bread with tuna.

Now they are not around, going to Times Square. They do invite me to join them, but I don't feel wanna go out. Got bad headache this past few days actually. So prefer to stay at home. Before they leave, the boy said tonight I still have to join coz we are going to karaoke. Hmmm... can I stay at home?

My friend got event at MoJo Club tonite and invited me to come coz he'll spinning at the party, but I just said I Try, No Promise. Kinda miss this guy actually. Well, we kinda have On-Off relation. So I dunno how to address this guy. Is it still his gf or just a friend? Whatever la, I got new bf already which is always beside me whenever I need him and understand me very well.

And got 1 guy who keep contact me and asking me out. Hmmm.. i feel like it's not nice to go out with other guy and when you going back, your bf is waiting for u. I don't wanna lie with who I hang out, but I think it's not nice to tell him that I going out with other guy which he know that guy is keep chasing me. Hard to seeing other guy if you stay together with your lovely bf isn't it? hehehehe....

Well, that's it. Don't want to be a player again. Enough with that hahahaha.

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