Sunday, December 6, 2009

Me, My Kids & My Boyfriend

At this moment, my boyfriend is on his way to KK. I still can't change his mind to stay one more night even he want to. I cried when he finally got seat for last flight to KK. I cry coz I know I will only meet him on April 2010. But we keep praying that the in-house tournament for his department on January 2010 is confirm. Then we can meet again. KK - KL is very far, the cost to travel is high.

Last night I "kidnapped" him for 2hrs 30min. I fetched him at his hotel at 12midnite. He was sleeping that time and didn't notice my calls and msgs. Well, he was really tired after his tournament. But we already promise to meet, plus I have to hand over my kids thing to him. When he still didn't alert my calls and msgs, I asked my guy friend to call his room from reception. Still he and his friends not alert the calls, guess they are tired like hell. Finally, the reception asked one of the hotel staff to knock his room door and send the note. I got him when he received the note hehehe. He said luckily I can think that way, if not I will wait for quite long time coz he really tired till didn't notice the call and msgs. Well, u just use vibrate sayang, how come u will alert? When he checked his phone, he got 20 missed calls from me huhuhu.

We heading to BB and lepak there. Even we share table with my friends, he is really sporting. Well, no more table available, so we decide to share table with my friends. At last he know who is my friend here in KL, so he not worry when I go out with them. He approved my friend, even they are naughty but they are good person, that was my boyfriend said. Well, my friend naughty not because they do a bad things, but they keep bully each of us.

Before this I can smoke when hang out with my friend, but now I can't smoke at public area. He not allow me to do that. So only him and my guy friend smoke that time huhuhu. I did asked for his permission to smoke, but he still say U CAN'T SAYANG with a very serious face. Honestly, I am scared when he serious huhuhu. And that time is the 2nd time he show his serious face. Gosh, Im scared!!

He asked me either I call my kids or not and I said NO coz very sad when he can't extend the nite. He angry at me huhuhu. He asked me not to involved my kids even I am sad, must call them every night. Only last nite I didn't call them coz very sad.

Tonite my daughter call me and ask when will they get the things. I bought Kinder Joy here and send to them via my boyfriend hehehe. Coz I didn't find that thing when I was in KK. So alternative way, I send via my boyfriend.

My daughter and I talked bout my boyfriend. But I didn't tell her that Uncle is my boyfriend, I just mentioned that he is my friend. My boyfriend said that he wanna talk with my daughter and son, so I will ask my brother to bring them together when they take their Kinder Joy from him. I told them that uncle named Uncle Beruang, they laugh, so do my boyfriend hehehe. And when my daughter asked what did Uncle Beruang call me, I answer Hulk, she laugh again hahahaha. We have a very sweet memory till name Beruang and Hulk come out in our relation. My daughter is very curious to know who is Uncle Beruang, so I answer each of her question. In fact, I also told the truth when my daughter asked if Uncle Beruang is single or married.

My boyfriend said that he will help me to get a job at his company, so I will come back to Sabah and near to my kids and him. He asked me to go back to Sabah. I will go back once I got a very secure job for my kids. If me alone, I don't care but I've two kids that are growing and have to find a fund for their education. Life is very tough for me as a single mum!

I will keep trying to get job in Sabah for my kids. I am very sad coz can't hug and kiss my kids every day like when I was in Sabah, but I don't have any choice since I have to work for them. I hope that my boyfriend manage to get a job for me at his company, so I can meet him also apart from stay with my kids. Gosh, why i feel so in love with him? I did asked him, why are you looking for other girl? And he answered that hard to say when talk bout feeling. It come just like that. I understand coz me too. I don't trust guy since my divorced, but when I meet him, hard to say.

I hope this relation will long-lasting even just secret lover. I love him, only that I know even he is a married guy.

I love my kids very much, so do him.
I miss my kids very much, so do him.
I need my kids very much, so do him.

In my heart, just my kids and him. Tell me that I am a bad girl coz still want him even he is a married guy, I don't care!

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