Saturday, December 12, 2009

Who took the slipper???

I'm alone when I heard someone press the bell. Thinking that my room mate & his boyfriend are coming back (she don't have the key coz gave to me when I officially be this house member a month ago) so I look through the door before open it. Someone's image is shown and it was our neighbor. Wondering why they ring the bell, I open the door and suddenly they asking whether guys in this house took her son's slipper. I'm bit shock coz I haven't say any single word yet and suddenly being attach by them huhuhu.

I don't know who took the slipper, maybe one of guys in this house. I can't ask guys in this house coz they are not around, only me alone in this house since 4.30pm. The mother was holding a sweeper and I kinda bit afraid if she suddenly attack me ( who knows right??), with her voice in high level and angry face, anything could happen. Her daughter which is standing next to her, talking nicely to me.

She complaining that today is the second time her son's slipper were missing. The first time, she found that slipper is in front of our door. The second time is today, that's why they asking me. Well, I guess if I'm not alone in this house, maybe other mate will entertain them coz mostly I spend my time inside my room.

I only can say sorry even it's not my fault. Actually, when I just came here last month, I saw one of my friend wear their slipper when we went out. But he put back after we come back. I can't say anything coz they are big enough to think which is right and which is wrong.

Once guys in this house coming back, it's my turn to ring our neighbor's bell and give the slipper back (if guys in this house take it, if not???) coz they say that they are waiting answer from me. I should ask the person who took that slipper without permission to apology from me coz I've been "attack" just coz of that!!! Should i? hahahaha. Actually he (one of the guy) not stealing it, they just borrow without asking permission, coz once they finish using it, I know they will put back at our neighbor's door.

That's why I don't like to take other person thing before ask for permission. If I really need that thing, I will ask for permission before take/use it. Even if I have to borrow certain things from my siblings, I will ask for their permission first. I just respect of their privacy, coz me myself don't like my things being taken without asking for my permission first. That was what my parents told me since I was kids and it's become my habit. It's to avoid such incident like this evening.

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