Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Keep Thinking

It's 5.14am

Yet, I still awake. Cannot sleep. While My Sayang already zzzzzzz since 3am, I just lay down next to him, look at him in the dark. Not totally dark actually, got light from outside our window's room. Finally I decided to bring my lappy inside our room and start surfing. Continue read Ninie's blog and play Mafia Wars at FB.

My Sayang wake up when he notice I'm not sleeping yet and ask me why, I just answered that I cannot sleep, He asked again what's bugging me and I said Nothing.

Actually, something serious is bugging me since yesterday. I can't talk bout it to him, afraid he'll worry more than me.

I'll find the best solution ASAP before it's too late.

**thinking again and again**


Billet-DOux said...

my sayang tu suami kakak ke?
woo, soalan berani mati.

Ms. Anonymous said...

billet rasa?